Offset up to 10lbs of CO2 every time you fill up.

Every time that you choose to fill up at any SpeedyQ Markets location, without doing anything differently, you’re helping to invest in carbon reduction projects. These important efforts are designed to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, impacting our local communities and communities across the world.


Fill up your tank, fill up your cup, for a better Michigan.

SpeedyQ has made the commitment to protect our community and environment both at the pump and in our markets. Reduce your tailpipe emissions up to 30% and offset 100% of your drink cups when you purchase a hot or cold beverage in-store. Now through the end of July, we will also be planting up to 3,000 trees with the Arbor Day Foundation when you fill your cup!

How the DRIVE™ Program Works



We calcuate the impact of the gas you pump and the cups you fill at SpeedyQ locations.

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2. Offset

We offset a portion of your carbon impact through local and global projects.


3. Better Michigan

We invest in local organizations to ensure a better environment for the community.

Improve our community for years to come with DRIVE™.

For every gallon of SpeedyQ gasoline and every hot or cold drink you purchase from a store with DRIVE™, we invest in local green-scape, reforestation, wildlife protection, and renewable energy projects that not only reduce your car’s emissions but also improve the community for years to come! Stay in the know for coupons and updates from SpeedyQ DRIVE™.

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