3,000 Trees For Michigan

If one newly planted tree is good, we can all agree that 3000 newly planted trees is better, right? To celebrate our new carbon neutral cups initiative, DRIVE™️ has pledged to plant an additional 3,000 trees with the Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation, along with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, is working to replant several of Michigan’s state forests on a large scale. These efforts will replant native tree species to bring this area back to its natural state, while improving area watershed health. The pine forests will then provide habitat for the endangered species as well as other wildlife.

Canyon near Thunder Bay, north of Lake Superior

One of the spots where these new trees will be planted is the Thunder Bay River Watershed. It’s a vast river system known for high water quality and year-round outdoor recreational activities. Major portions of the headwater tributaries lie within the Mackinaw State Forest system, which are designated as cold water fisheries and support a viable trout population. This area needs to be reforested immediately to prevent eroding surface soils and deter sediment inputs in these critical headwaters. 

The fact is, we can get closer to solving the issue of climate change when we restore our forests globally. Planting new trees can help reduce the amount of CO2 in the air. In addition to the climate benefit, reforestation helps protect important plant and animal species. Regional watersheds like the Thunder Bay River Watershed can be brought back to life simply by planting more trees. 

The location of a carbon offset project doesn’t matter in regards to its environmental impact. However, the SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program attempts to localize our efforts as much as possible to the communities where SpeedyQ DRIVE™is offered through certified carbon offset projects.

When we saw the impact of DRIVE™️ at our fuel pumps, we brought our sustainable efforts in-store. When you fill up your hot or cold cup, you can feel good knowing you’ve offset the carbon footprint to produce the cups by 100%. All of our cups are now carbon-neutral, which means you’re not adding pollutants to the environment and you don’t increase your personal carbon footprint. Similar to our fuel program, to offer carbon-neutral cups we invest in only certified carbon offset projects. This commitment is designed to support SpeedyQ customers and improve our local communities.