5 Ways To Beat Cabin Fever – Even In A Michigan Winter

Once the holidays are over, winter can lose some of its sparkle. But after you take the lights down, January still means a fresh start and a chance to make some positive changes. Instead of feeling like you’re stuck inside, flip it. Think of winter as a chance to stay busy and get creative with new ways to keep moving forward. 

1. Do A Deep Declutter

There’s not much point in spring cleaning until you’ve finished winter decluttering. Why not use the next few months to go through your family’s stuff and take an honest look at what you actually need and want to keep around. Sometimes we just get used to seeing stuff without ever thinking about how we never actually use it. Donate or toss what’s not used/outgrown/never going to be fixed and enjoy the space you’ll free up. 

2. Get Outside

Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan

Yes, it’s cold. Sure, you’ll have to layer up. But the reality is that the simple act of leaving your home and getting out into the fresh air gives your mental health a boost, especially during the darkest part of the year. The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies put together a list of 101 things to do outside in winter. Print it out and put it on your fridge for inspiration!

3. Tend Plants 

Although we tend to think of gardening as a spring and summer activity, tending to houseplants is a great way to enjoy the indoors during the winter months. Plants help clean the sometimes stale indoor air. Studies have also shown that tending to plants improves your overall quality of life and sense of well-being. 

4. Try New Recipes

If you can’t stand the cold, get into the kitchen. There’s no more perfect time than the winter months to try out new recipes. Work with what you’ve got by trying new comfort foods that suit the season, like stews, bread, chili and casseroles. Yum. Bonus tip: Get the kids involved for extra help & spark their interest in cooking!

5. Embrace the SeasonAre you familiar with the concept of hygge? It’s a Danish and Norwegian word (pronounced like “hooga”) that sums up the feeling of contentment that comes with slowing down and cozying up when it’s dark and cold outside. It’s about the small and simple pleasures of winter, like hot cocoa and jigsaw puzzles. Instead of complaining about the weather, go all in and enjoy the quiet time before life gets back to full speed!