"Better Communities Through Strong Conservation"

The Arenac Conservation District supports the Michigan Thumb area through a number of different avenues. They plant trees, give trees, teach the youth of Michigan about Conservation and actively work in the community to preserve Michigan land. SpeedyQ DRIVE has planted over 200 trees with the Arenac Conservation District.

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5,000 Trees and Counting

SpeedyQ DRIVE™ is proud to partner with Arbor Day Foundation and support the effort to reforest America. Over the program’s lifetime, DRIVE™ has planted over 5,000 trees in forests around the U.S. and right here at home.

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Michigan State Forests

Together with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and ADF, DRIVE™ is helping to replant several of Michigan’s state forests on a large scale. This project will replant native tree species to return this area to its natural state and improve area watershed health. The pine forests will grow to provide habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler as well as many other game and nongame species. Trees species include Jack Pine and Red Pine.

Michigan State Forests
Thunder Bay River Watershed

Thunder Bay River Watershed

The Thunder Bay River Watershed is a vast river system well known for its high water quality and year-round outdoor recreational opportunities. Major portions of the headwater tributaries lie within the Mackinaw State Forest system, which are designated as coldwater fisheries and support a viable trout population. This area needs to be reforested immediately in order to prevent eroding surface soils and deter sediment inputs in these critical headwaters.

Sandhills Wildlife Management Area

Restoration of longleaf pine to 258 acres of Sandhills WMA Coleman tract, a recent acquisition in Taylor County, Georgia along Whitewater Creek. This tract was clearcut prior to purchase by the state. The sandy soils are highly erodible and are in desperate need of planting to stabilize the soils and stop erosion which is impacting Whitewater Creek, an important tributary to the Flint River. This tract was purchased to protect habitat for the gopher tortoise, a candidate for federal protection and a state threatened species.

Sandhills Wildlife 
Management Area