Easy Ways To Make Your Workout Routine Green

Going green with your workout routine is much easier than you probably think. Both you and the environment will get great results with some simple changes. Try these eco-friendly tips for your health and fitness plan and see how your workouts make you healthier and our environment cleaner!

Get outside: Go equipment-free and use nature as inspiration to workout. Go for a run, walk, ride your bike, use playground equipment for strength training, or a bodyweight workout in your local park. Gardening can also be a great workout too. Being outside in the sun will also give you some vitamin D and serotonin which fight anxiety and depression. 

Use green equipment: If you’re looking to buy your own equipment, look for ones made from green materials or buy ones second-hand. Often you can find items such as jump ropes and yoga mats that are made from recycled materials. Many of the companies that sell these products also give back to charitable organizations. If you want to buy cardio machines and other large pieces of equipment, it’s best to buy them secondhand. Not only will you prevent waste, but it will save you a ton of money. 

Say no to plastic: Staying hydrated during your workout is a must! Use a reusable water bottle to reduce your use of plastics that will only end up in a landfill. Most insulated bottles can keep drinks cold for 24 hours and many gyms provide refilling stations for their members. 

Be plant-fueled: A well balanced diet is necessary for every individual, especially those who participate in regular exercise. Consuming things that are grown instead of manufactured is a great way to be more green. Avoid pesticides and choose local and organic fruit and vegetables. Instead of packaged foods, you can also try making your own protein bars and smoothies for fuel after your workouts. No packaging means less waste. 

Ditch disposable towels: Most gyms ask members to wipe down their equipment after a training session. Instead of grabbing disposable wet wipes from a dispenser, look for a bottle of cleaning solution and a reusable cloth towel. This waste-reducing tip is a greener option than tossing out multiple single-use towels.  

Master a quick shower routine: It always feels great to have a refreshing cool shower after a tough workout session. Unfortunately, most shower heads send more than two gallons of water per minute down the drain once you turn your shower on. Keep this in mind the next time you want to take a long shower to relax your tired muscles. 

Commit to a healthy lifestyle for both you and the planet. Whether you’re a pro athlete or just starting out, use these eco-friendly tips to make your workout routine more green.