5 Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Eco-friendly practices can be a great way for all types of businesses to help reduce their impact on the environment and preserve natural resources. Whether you’re running a startup, or you’re an established company with a large list of clients, there are many ways you can help the environment during your regular course of business. Not only will you gain great PR for your efforts, but you can also save money and work more efficiently when your business goes green. Here are five reasons to choose eco-friendly and sustainable business practices.


Save money: Offices create a great amount of waste from paper, office supplies and electricity for lighting and air conditioning. You can create less waste by engaging with employees and talking about the use of resources and the need to recycle. Keep electrical equipment powered on only when it’s in use, set your thermostat to operate only during business hours, and install motion sensor lights. These small changes will greatly decrease costs.


Great reputation: Going green is now more than just a trend and has become part of our culture, affecting individual and corporate initiatives. The public strongly favors eco-friendly practices and sustainability. A positive reputation for your business can go far in building your client base. If you have a storefront, add a window sign advertising your eco-friendly practices. Also emphasize the effort in PR, social media channels and marketing communications to boost your company’s image.


Builds business: Promoting your eco-friendly methods can set your business apart from your competitors and attract new customers who want to buy products and services from a business that supports green initiatives. Make your practices known, and watch the business pour in!


Healthier workplace: Make your office clean and efficient. Choose non-toxic cleaning supplies to benefit the environment as well as employees who suffer from reactions to harsh chemicals. Also, have employees rearrange their workspace in order to make the best use of natural light, and encourage them to bring office plants that purify and clean the air. Donating old equipment will also help improve the environment and staff gratification. These tips will have a great impact on the attitude and productivity in the office.


Tax credits: Depending on where you live and work, you may be able to claim credit on your taxes. Be eco-friendly and save on costs by having solar arrays, geothermal equipment and/or combined heat and power and electric vehicles. It’s easier now than ever to be energy efficient as well as save money on taxes.


From healthier employees to enthusiastic customers, there are no downsides to creating an eco-friendly business. Build a business that you and others will be proud of and go green!