Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program and how does it work?

The SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program offsets carbon dioxide tailpipe emissions from anyone purchasing fuel at a SpeedyQ Markets location. Through a partnership with GreenPrint, an environmental technology company, carbon dioxide emissions are calculated for each gallon of fuel purchased. GreenPrint then invests proportionally in certified carbon offset projects to capture or reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. GreenPrint works with a Big 4 accounting firm annually to validate and attest to the entire process from carbon calculation to carbon credit retirement. 100% of SpeedyQ DRIVE™’s carbon offset commitments are met through investments in certified carbon offset projects. (See more on projects below.)

In addition, the SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program has gone above and beyond the carbon offset commitment, and has planted 4,000 trees through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. These trees provide an additional environmental benefit, but are not included in the carbon offset commitment. The SpeedyQ DRIVE™program also supports local non-profit organizations such as the Arenac Conservation District by conducting and hosting tree plantings, neighborhood cleanups, and other local projects to support the local community. These local initiatives and projects are never part of our carbon offsetting.  


How much does the SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program offset per gallon of gasoline?

Your carbon dioxide tailpipe emissions are reduced by up to 30% depending on the grade. Each gallon is helping make a positive impact on the environment!

How does the SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program calculate the appropriate carbon emissions for fuel?

Using fuel volume data from SpeedyQ, GreenPrint calculates the carbon dioxide emissions emitted using factors (i.e. pounds of CO2 per gallon of petroleum burned) from the EIA, EPA, and other reputable institutions. As part of an annual attestation process with a Big 4 accounting firm, they confirm GreenPrint’s data sources and calculations are accurate.

What types of projects qualify as carbon offset projects?

There are many different types of carbon offset projects that avoid, reduce, destroy, or capture the emission of greenhouse gases. Project types include renewable energy, such as wind farms, biomass energy, or hydroelectric dams. Others include energy efficiency projects, the destruction of industrial pollutants or agricultural byproducts, greenhouse gas abatement, zero till cropping, destruction of landfill methane, and forestry projects. Some of the most popular carbon offset projects from a corporate perspective are energy efficiency and alternative energy wind turbine projects.  

Does the location of the carbon offset project matter?

No, the location of a carbon offset project does not matter in regards to its environmental impact. However, the SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program attempts to localize our efforts as much as possible to the communities where SpeedyQ DRIVE™is offered through certified carbon offset projects.

Is it a new type of fuel or fuel additive?

The simple answer is no. It’s the same fuel you usually buy. No new pumps, hardware, or additives!

Is new hardware required?

No. Our program is turnkey and simple. All you have to do is pump fuel as you normally would.

What SpeedyQ stores are participating in the DRIVE™program?

All of them! Please Click Here to see a store list.

Hydro Power
Landfill Gas
Wind Power


Interested in learning more? Want to see what projects we are supporting and all the improvements you’re making? Then click the link, send us a comment, or find us on social media to tell us what else you’d like to see when you “Pump Here. Plant Trees.”