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What is the DRIVE™ Reduced Emissions Program?

When you pull up to any of our SpeedyQ Markets locations, DRIVE™ calculates your tailpipe emissions and invests in certified carbon reduction projects to reduce your vehicle’s emissions and your carbon footprint by up to 30%. DRIVE™ goes a step further and gives back to local Michigan organizations to make a difference in our community!

Fill Up Your Tank

SpeedyQ is committed to the communities where it serves, and through DRIVE™, SpeedyQ takes that commitment one step further. The DRIVE™ program is specifically designed to support SpeedyQ customers and improve our communities.

To ensure our commitment to offset carbon emissions is met, DRIVE™ invests only in Certified carbon offset projects. By making sure each project is certified by independent third-party evaluators to meet strict international standards, DRIVE™ is helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


Fill Up Your Cup

To bring our sustainable efforts in-store, SpeedyQ DRIVE™ will now be offsetting all SpeedyQ Markets hot and cold cups! Similarly to the fuel DRIVE™ invests only in Certified carbon offset projects. These projects will offset the carbon footprint to produce the cups by 100%!


Feel extra good about filling your cup this summer! To celebrate our carbon neutral cups, DRIVE is planting 3,000 trees with Arbor Day Foundation.

Why? For a Better Michigan!

SpeedyQ is locally own and family run. Through the DRIVE program when you fill up your car or your cup you support local volunteer projects and sponsorships in our communities, where we live, work and play.