How to Promote Wellness at Work

Employee health and happiness has a positive effect on companies, from productivity to competitive recruitment. Implementing a wellness program in your office is a good idea for many reasons and can be done in many ways. Here are some examples of how you can promote wellness while at work.  

Provide healthy snacks: Fresh and healthy snacks like apples, bananas, oranges, and protein bars can really boost health and energy levels in the office during sluggish mid-day hours. Quick bites like these also won’t make a large dent in the company’s wallet. Also, provide a purified water system for employees to refill their bottles and keep hydrated all day long.

Plan a company field day: Get outside with coworkers and hold a two-legged race, limbo, jump rope, and tug of war competition. This activity will promote exercise, teamwork, and some healthy competition within the office. Don’t forget to put some goody bags together for participants at the end of the day.

Create a rest space in the office: Oftentimes, employees need to stay late and burn the midnight oil. This can create exhaustion and prevent employees from focusing during the day. Create a space in the office that will serve as a place to rest or meditate. A quick break can help employees unwind and recharge.

Offer standing desks: Sitting at a desk for more than eight hours every day isn’t good mentally or physically. Offer employees the option of using standing or walking desks to help keep their minds and bodies active. If a change in desk isn’t possible, allow employees to take short walking breaks to get some steps in and clear their minds during the day.

Offer gym discounts: If your office building doesn’t have a gym accessible to employees, offer discounted gym memberships to local gyms. Regular exercise increases productivity and employees with appreciate the added benefit of staying fit. For group involvement, plan a day for employees to take a cycling, yoga, or dance class together.

Exercise sharpens focus and increases mood and energy levels. Help employees feel less stressed and more energized by providing opportunities for wellness in the workplace.