How To Stay Active During the Winter Season

It can be tough to get motivated when the winter winds are howling and the air has a chilly bite, but you don’t have to give up on the thought of staying active during the winter months. Months of freezing temperatures doesn’t have to mean putting your goals on hold and hibernating until warmer temperatures come in the spring. Here are some ways to stay active in the chilly winter months:

Try an indoor sport: You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of taking part in indoor sports. Plenty of sports activities are played inside, such as basketball, volleyball, swimming and dancing. After you nail down the basics, join a local recreational league to help keep you motivated all year long.

Work out at home: There will be times when the weather is so bitterly cold and harsh, that going outside is almost impossible. But snowy or windy weather shouldn’t be an excuse to miss an entire workout. Exercising at home can be an easy and fun way to stay active while avoiding the inclement weather. Even if you don’t have a home gym or exercise machines, you can still workout your entire body with no professional equipment. Take advantage of using household items such as chairs and beach balls!

Stay active during daylight hours: There’s nothing worse than trying to motivate yourself to exercise when it’s cold and dark outside. People tend to feel more tired after the sun goes down, so be sure to stay active while the sun is out. Another perk of exercising while it’s sunny, is that you’ll get an extra dose of vitamin D, which is known to help boost your mood and reduce stress and depression symptoms.

Volunteer: The months after the holiday season are a great time to help your local community. Look for volunteer opportunities that involve physical activity, like working with dogs at an animal shelter, picking up litter in a park, or shoveling snow on community roads and sidewalks. 

Take a walk around the mall: Walking around your local mall is a great way to get your steps in while staying warm in the winter months. Not only will you be benefitting from calorie-burning cardio, you’ll also have the chance to go window shopping. Not to mention, you may stumble across free fitness events happening there. Athletic apparel stores like Lululemon frequently host free classes in their stores before opening. Attending these classes can help you make new friends and keep you motivated all winter long. 

There are plenty of ways to stay active in the winter without having to endure the cold weather. Don’t let the season’s climate get in the way of your health and wellness! Find a way to stay active all season long.