Make Summer Vacation Sustainable

Road trips go with summer like the Fourth of July goes with fireworks. For some, it’s all about driving out to the same beach house each year with a car full of kids. Others like road tripping because it lets them see more on a single vacation than flying.

Whatever entices you to load up your vehicle and hit the road this summer, make sure your travel plans include a few sustainable practices. Have a fun summer vacation while also benefiting the environment! 

These road trip tricks will make it easy.

Gather supplies

Getting ready for a road trip usually means running quite a few errands. You’ve got to stock up on sunscreen, beach toys, and don’t forget a new bathing suit. The less you run around though, preparing for your trip, the better for the environment. 

So, instead of parsing out your errands, and doing one a day, do them all at once. Plan a strategic and efficient route to all your stops so you hit every store in as few miles as possible. It will make for a hectic day, but you’ll release fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Pack a bike

If you know your vacation destination has a lot of fun stuff nearby, bring a bike to ride rather than driving everywhere once you arrive. Attach it with a sturdy bike rack and then make plans to check out the shops, restaurants, and bars closest to you.

If you can’t bring a bike, see if you can rent one near your vacation spot. Any opportunity to get somewhere without driving means fewer emissions.

Bring snacks from home

Eating on the road is almost as fun as arriving at your destination, but buying pre-packaged snacks creates a lot of trash. And, there aren’t many opportunities to recycle on the road.

Cut down on your road trip waste by bringing your favorite snacks from home. Buy in bulk, or at least not individually wrapped, and pack everything up in reusable containers. They’ll come in handy on the way home, and double up on decreasing your waste.

Hold onto recyclables 

It’s impossible to go on a road trip and not end up with some trash. But, those plastic soda bottles, cardboard drink caddies, and fast food bags are all recyclable.

Instead of doing one big trash dump into the garbage, take a minute to separate out your recyclables, and recycle them. If you don’t have recycling at your vacation destination, look for a local grocery store nearby. They may have separate trash bins so you don’t have to toss it all into the garbage.

Refuel responsibly

For those of you whose summer road trip has you traveling through Michigan, you can refuel and act sustainably all at once. Make sure to stop at any SpeedyQ Markets to take advantage of the SpeedyQ Drive program

Every time you fill up your tank at SpeedyQ, you can automatically offset up to 10 pounds of carbon dioxide. SpeedyQ invests in certified carbon reduction projects to help reduce the impact of your car’s emissions.

While you’re fueling up, you can also run into a SpeedyQ Market and grab a hot or cold beverage in a SpeedyQ drink cup. One hundred percent of your cups are offset with each in-store purchase.

Think sustainably when hitting the road this summer

Tossing in a few sustainable practices on your road trip this summer can make a positive impact on the environment. You’ll even save some gas, and maybe a little money. So, hit the road, have some fun, and do a little good on your summer vacation.