SpeedyQ DRIVE Cups Are Now Carbon Neutral

We’re all getting better at changing our habits so that we can conserve resources. We’re more conscious about producing less waste for the health of our planet, making changes to improve air quality, protect wildlife and preserve the beauty of our outdoor spaces. These days, we bring our own water bottles, pack reusable bags and strive to make better choices about where we spend our money. 

One habit you won’t have to change? Stopping for coffee or a fountain drink on the road. Now when you buy a hot coffee or a cold fountain drink at SpeedyQ, your cup is 100% carbon neutral. 

No, we haven’t changed the design of our cups. We’ve stepped up our commitment to create a better Michigan. The cups will be the same in stores. But now SpeedyQ (through the DRIVE™ program) will offset the carbon used to produce them, through carbon credits similar to the offsets provided by the fuel program. 

When you purchase fuel at a SpeedyQ Markets location, you offset carbon dioxide tailpipe emissions through DRIVE™️, our reduced emissions program. Carbon dioxide emissions are calculated for each gallon of fuel purchased. Proportional investments are then made in certified carbon offset projects to capture or reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. 100% of SpeedyQ DRIVE™’s carbon offset commitments are met through investments in certified carbon offset projects.

Now, when you buy a cup of coffee or a fountain drink, you’re not just satisfying your thirst. You’re also choosing to make our communities cleaner and greener. These little changes can have a big impact. 

The SpeedyQ DRIVE™ program goes above and beyond the carbon offset commitment and has planted 4,000 trees through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. But the program localizes efforts as much as possible. DRIVE supports local non-profit organizations such as the Arenac Conservation District by conducting and hosting tree plantings, neighborhood cleanups, and other local projects to support the local community. These local initiatives and projects are never part of our carbon offsetting. 

With the addition of cups to our carbon offset program, we’re doing our part to better our communities and our world. Fill up your tank and fill up your cup for a better Michigan.