SpeedyQ Drive Launch

One of the greatest parts of summer is being able to shed winter’s fleece and ease into the welcoming smell and feel of warm weather. It’s a time to gather with friends and family outdoors and for us, it’s a time to kick off an amazing new reduced emissions program through SpeedyQ Markets called Drive.

On June 1st, we gathered at our Kimball, MI SpeedyQ Markets location to launch the Drive program that we hope will help Michigan Thumb communities, and drivers, choose to Drive green! With every road trip, travel to family BBQs, and baseball game, we hope you will choose to fill up at SpeedyQ Drive locations and in doing so you will reduce your carbon footprint.

Our new Drive program will allow customers to pump the same high-quality fuel with no additional charge, as it requires no new software, fuel, vehicles, hardware, or equipment. With every gallon that is pumped, Drive, on behalf of SpeedyQ Markets, will be investing in local, regional, and global certified carbon reduction projects. The Drive program will also be taking it a step further by planting trees with our national partner, the Arbor Day Foundation! By investing in carbon reduction projects and local tree planting projects we will reduce the daily carbon emissions of our guests, by up to 30%, while also driving positive change in our local community!

“We are thrilled to share this program with our customers and the Michigan thumb community. We are striving to make a difference in our communities and the environment, and I think we will make a great impact with the Drive program. The Drive program allows our customers to fill up at SpeedyQ pumps while also supporting our community. It is the same high-quality fuel we have always had, now, with another benefit,” said Kyle Lawrence, president of SpeedyQ Markets.

Our goal is to reduce as many emissions as possible, but we need the help of our loyal customers to do so! Fill up at SpeedyQ Markets and help us help our communities. We are thrilled to come together with communities in and around the Michigan Thumb to sustain and improve the world. Drive to make a positive impact!