Summer Solstice: How you can enjoy the longest day of the year

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year; a day that offers the most daylight and the shortest night. The summer solstice also marks the first official day of summer!  The longest and brightest day of the year is recognized all around the world and people of different cultures, regions, and religions join together to celebrate. This June 21st, enjoy the warm summer air and take part in local outdoor activities to celebrate the start of summer. Here are some fun ideas to help you enjoy the day.

Get outside: What better way to celebrate the longest day of the year than to spend it outdoors! Take a hike or travel to a destination where you feel connected to nature and spend the whole day enjoying the warm summer air.


Hit the beach or lake: Plan a summer trip to your local beach or lake to take advantage of the extra daylight. Pack a delicious picnic basket and be sure to bring lots of water to keep you energized and hydrated all day long.


Host a BBQ: Get the grill out and spend the evening with family and friends in your own backyard. While the grill is fired up, plan some fun activities and games for your guests to enjoy throughout the evening.


Spruce up your garden: Gardening is a simple and fun activity the whole family can get in on during the summer. Have each family member pick a vegetable or herb they like and then plant away. There’s no better day for your plants to grow than the day with the most sunlight!


Have a family game night: Instead of holding family game night inside your home, move the whole activity outside. Invite friends and family or just keep it just between yourselves. Either way, you’ll have a fun time interacting with each other, being unplugged for the evening and you’ll enjoy the warm summer weather.

Go picking:
Take the family to a local U-pick farm to pick their own organic or sustainably-grown fruits or vegetables. U-pick is a fun alternative to going to the grocery store, plus you get the added benefit of having fresh locally grown fruit and veggies on hand. Some farms offer items such as eggs, honey, and other fresh products!

summer solstice

Take advantage of the longest day of the year and spend it outdoors! Whatever plans you have for this year’s summer solstice, do yourself and the environment a favor by taking part in green activities.